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Inverted Flight, A Collection of Verse

by Don Mercer

Published 2004 by the Xlibris Corporation.


Colonel Richard M. "Dick" Roberds, USAF (Retired), former commanding officer of the Night Rustics, wrote the Forward and gives a brief overview of the book on the inside cover of the Dust Jacket:  "Don Mercer was a Night Rustic. A large part of the poetry he offers here has been inspired by the events and emotions of the year Don spent in Vietnam serving both his own country as well as the Cambodian nation.  Many of the poems he has herein provided us include a prominent appreciation for his love of flying, for his comrades in arms, the honor of serving, and for beloved comrades who were lost." 

The book has 205 pages. It includes a eulogy in verse to Donald H. Hagle, "Beagle," Rustic 40, as well as verses on "Thoughts on Life," "The War In Southeast Asia," "On September 11th", "Alaska" and "More On Life."


Don Mercer, Rustic 41




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If you would like to purchase a copy, the book is for sale at most of the major book stores and on the internet.

Don reports the best prices to date are on Buy.com.  It may be purchased in either the hard back or paper back editions.

Faster response times and better prices are usually available on the internet.


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