2006 Night Rustic Reunion Cruise

aboard the Westerdam,

Oct.29 thru Nov.4, 2006


A representative cross-section of activities from many photos

taken by the Rustics on the cruise.




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M.S. Westerdam….”Nice Ride!”

Bon Voyage Castoff Party On Deck.



Our 1st  port of call, Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos. 

Slapper & Maggee check out Cruise Shops.

Queen Street in the very old section of Grand Turk.



Zeke unintentionally entered a Karaoke Super Star Contest after the 1st formal dinner.

“Blue Suede Shoes” from Elvis was his weapon of choice and fun was had by all.



Maggee and Frank Sovich

Mary and Mick Gibbar



Jim and June Hetherington

Evelyn and Tom Jones



Dave and Sue DeKoker

Merle and Margaret Shields



Pat and Larry Driskill

Marcy and Dick Roberds



Jack and Judy Strickland

Pulling into our 2nd Port of Call, Roadtown, Tortola.



A very popular Spice store in Tortola, a near must to visit for the tourists!

Bringing the ‘booty’ back to the lair for some Rum & Cokes. (Jack, Suzi, Dave, Frank)



Dining room ‘Head Rustic Table’ complete with both former Night Rustic Commanders!

Dining room ‘Sophisticated Rustic Table’ complete with the rest of the Elite Pilots!



Our 3rd port of call, Phillipsburg on St. Maarten.

Catamaran Excursion from the ship to an out island nude beach.  Seas were about 4

foot swells and the hour and a half ride (each way) was pretty ‘exciting’ for some (rough).



Judy and Jack hung in there just fine as the Golden Eagle III catamaran approached

the island beach and slightly calmer waters.

Great Postcard shot of Pat and Larry on the return to St. Maarten and the ship.

Notice the white caps on the sea in the background…’Ride ‘em Cowboy!’



Frank’s little motion sickness problem reared it’s head early on, but near the end

of the sail he sports the first smile we saw from him during the whole excursion.

Judy and Jack exploring the island life and culture.



T-Shirt group shot…mandatory formation, of course.

British High Tea graciously hosted by Merle and Margaret on their huge suite balcony!



Lots of Tea and Crumpets to go around, Frank brought his Rum along just in case.

“How does your garden grow?  Nine Rustics in a Row.”



First Level of Rustic Support!  Good lookin’ supporters for sure.

Major, Major and his Court at our complimentary Cocktail Party in the Crow’s Nest.



Last night on the cruise at our Private Cocktail Party.  Just relaxing and more visiting.

Of course our pre-dinner event included Champagne very Fancy Appetizers.



What Party is complete without an Award given out?  Maggee presents hubby Frank with

a surprise T-Shirt, hand-signed by fellow Cat sailors, complete with ‘sick’ comments.

After dinner and the show, several couples moved to the Crow’s Nest for some late

night dancing.  After a good warm-up here, Judy and Jack won the Twist Contest!




Of course there has to be a Queen and King at any Prom.  Our very own highly decked

out Merle and Margaret won the election, along with prizes, crowns, and champagne.

Also, there was a Swing Dance contest at the Prom which was

won by a stunning blonde and her partner.  Say, …“Is that Elvis?”



The inevitable Farewell Breakfast before disembarkation to Fort Lauderdale.

Some reminiscing of the past 7 worderful days, with exchanges of hugs and goodbyes.



Great Comrades at Arms, it’s hard to explain the bonds between Night Rustics!

Night Rustics and Wives Formal Portrait provided by Holland America Cruise Lines.


One last fond parting view of our “Great Ride.”




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Read Zeke’s narrative of the cruise.


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