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Photo Gallery





Pool Party Pix

O-2 Flyby Pix

The Wall

Cruise Pix

O-2 Flyby Video



The Field Party Pix

Party Narrative

Cruise Pix

Cruise Narrative



Photo Contest

Reunion Narrative

Reunion Pix  Video

Staff Ride Narrative



Goose’s Party Pix

Party & Reunion Narratives

Cruise Pix

DH-2 Beaver Floatplane Video



Boston Pix

Boston Narrative

Cruise Pix

Cruise Narrative



San Antonio Pix

Reunion Narrative



New Orleans Pix

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Memphis Pix

Reunion Narrative



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Shots taken in South East Asia


Description: cessnaO2sunset

Description: LAU-32 (Lau 59A) Rocket Pod

O-2 Sunset Silhouette Over III Corp.

“Willy Pete” white phosphorus rockets in launcher pod.



Description: O2-arbn-above

Description: o2panel

Description: O2_radio_rack-md

Rice Paddy Patrol

O-2A Instrument Panel

O-2A Radio Rack


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Description: o2inflight

Description: O2SkymasterTakeoffSM

O-2A in flight

O-2A just after takeoff



Description: o-2aRevetments

Description: O-2 EmergLanding

FAC taxiing out for a mission

Emergency Landing in foam



Description: ZekeHero

Description: HoppyHero

Description: Steel_Helmet_2

Rustic “Zeke” Dekoker Hero Shot

Rustic “Hoppy” Hero Shot

Latest wear for “Incoming” Parties


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Description: MercerParachute

Description: RtWingWPs

Rustic “Over” Mercer Hero Shot

O-2A armed for the next mission



Description: BeBop-Hoppy

Description: HoppyCuc

“Hoppy” with aircraft “Be Bop”

Cuc and Steve Hopkins


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Description: ChunkHeroShot

Description: ChunkAirMedal

Rustic “Chunk” Thrower Hero Shot

Mike Thrower awarded Air Medal by Col. Adams




Description: Mamie01  

Description: Mamie02

Mamie Van Doren onstage with Redeye at the Bien Hoa Officer’s Club

Mamie being graciously helped offstage by Redeye and BeBop


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Description: BCnui-ba-den-1200

Description: BCSamXmasCardCombo

Passing over mount Nui Ba Din to enter the

Rustic Area of Operations in Cambodia

Photo Christmas card sent to Bill Carruthers by

Cambodian Ground Commander, Lt. Sam in 1970



Description: BCjune

Description: Redeye with blackeye

Description: BCsam-bill-knife-adj

Our caring hard working Hootch Maid, ‘Miss Juney’

Redeye earning his nickname from a

 non-combat eye injury

Cambodian Lt. Sam with Bill Carruthers, exchanging knives


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Description: Redeye_with_O-2

Description: HRG_Jr_Rustic46

Rustic “Redeye” Harris Hero Shot

Rustic “Go-go” Gonzalez Hero Shot




Description: PICnew page 41-sm

First Rustic Mission was flown by O-2A FAC Jerry Auth

Off into the night, an O-2A departs for combat in Cambodia


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