Rustic Redeye’s (Bob Harris) Pre-Cruise Pool Party

at Ft. Lauderdale Wyndham Hotel, Oct.20th, 2004





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Chillin’ and Gabbin’ at the Pool Happy Hour



L to R: Frank Sovich, Sue & Dave DeKoker, Maggee Sovich, Lynette Hagle, Jeanie Ralston, and Host Bob Harris


Jeanie and Redeye (Bob Harris) mellowing out





After Dinner back at Poolside



L to R: Bill Carruthers R-34, Bob Harris R-33,

Damon Gonzalez R-46, Don Mercer R-41


Rustic “Over” (Don Mercer) receiving a Surprise Recognition Banner (and a nice bottle of Scotch) for his incredible

tenacity as Rustic Awards & Decs Officer






Morning at the Hotel before heading to the Ship



L to R: Mary Gonzalez, Mick & Mary Gibbar, Dave DeKoker, Bob Harris, Karin & Steve Hopkins, Sue DeKoker, Marcy Roberds


Mick Gibbar R-25, Bob Harris R-33, Bill Carruthers R-34





Drake Greene R-23, Jack & Judy Strickland R-38


Enjoying the view from the Crow’s Nest

“Major Major” (Dick Roberds R-21), “Gipper” and “Redeye”



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