Night Rustic Reunion on the Riverwalk

San Antonio, Texas

September 16-21, 2014.




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Panoramic view of Downtown San Antonio taken from the Tower of the Americas


Awaiting the elevator up to the Charthouse Bar for Happy Hour is

Tony Winkler, Linda & Tom Jamrosy, Sue & Dave DeKoker, and Lynette Hagle.


Our Happy Hour visiting went until after dark on the first night

and allowed the capturing of this night shot of downtown.

A tourboat cruising along the Riverwalk.


Linda and Tom taking the Riverwalk Water Taxi from our hotel to downtown.

Originally scheduled for a different location, we wound up here at Landry’s Seafood House for dinner Wednesday.

Mike, Drake & Suzi, Linda & Tom, Sue & Dave, Michele & Jeff, Jim, Nancy & Tony


One of our breakfast “meetings” at the El Tropicana restaurant next door.

Jeff, Dave & Sue, Michele, Frank, Jim, Bill, and Drake


The remaining building of the large Alamo Mission compound which is actually

a very small part of “The Alamo”. Our group opted for a guided tour,

The Indigo Hotel exit out onto the Riverwalk to catch the Water Taxi.


Tower of the Americas is impressive at night.

T-6 Visual Video Simulator in flight during a training mission


Jeff checks out the T-6 panel at the sim – very nicely laid out

A still proud bird continuing to serve! Amazing after 54 years!!


There have been some serious changes to the old girl’s innerds….

Jeff Boston – Updated T-38 Hero Shot


Tom Jamrosy – Updated T-38 Hero Shot

Jim Hetherington – First ever T-38 Hero Shot (flew the UPT T-33)


Dave DeKoker – Updated T-38 Hero Shot

Mike Thrower – Updated T-38 Hero Shot


Bob Harris – Updated T-38 Hero Shot with Copilot Cheryl

Frank Sovich recreating his UPT days – well behind the aircraft


Our group waiting for our Howl at the Moon Party doors to open


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Read Zeke’s narrative of Riverwalk Reunion.


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