Night Rustic Reunion Pre-Cruise Activities in Boston

September 13-16, 2012.




Read Zeke’s narrative of Boston Gathering.


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First Group Meet Up for the Freedom Trail Walking Tour


Our Tour Guide Dennis telling us about Faneuil Hall


A Famous “Shingle”


Thursday Lunch at the Original Cheers on Beacon Hill


Actual Cheers Storefront which was used in TV Sitcom


Swan Boats in the Public Garden


Boston Common


Snack Time on the Harbor Cruise


Boston Skyline from the Harbor Cruise Boat


Who dat?  Jack & Judy and Mike & Lynn maybe?


Cheers from Suzi and some guy we picked up!  No idea of his name.


Framed Boston Financial District Waterfront


Redeye & Rita enjoying the ride!


Lucky folks setting out for a Sunset Sail.


Old Glory proudly flying from Long Wharf Waterfront.


Reflections of a Redeye guy.


Mike & Lynn proposing a Tasty Toast.


Thursday Happy Hour in the Marriott Long Wharf Lounge


Zeke and Redeye sharing a bench with a rock-solid Bostonian.


A gorgeous architectural work indeed.


Happy Hour in the Concierge Lounge courtesy of the Stricklands


The Town Crier enactment at Faneuil Hall.


Friday Dinner at the historic Union Oyster House…yummy!!!


Smilin’ Jack with Judy wearing our D.C. Reunion shirt.


The writing on the wall tells the restaurant’s story.  Ask Suzi what’s so funny.


Do the Beltway Duo work part-time as models? Possibly.


Lynn always liked Mike’s food better than hers so she ate it!  Poor Mikey…


Old Town Trolley Stop on a drizzly Saturday morning


Breakfast at Anthony’s Café On The Waterfront


U.S.S. Constitution, better known as “Old Ironsides”  (info)


Aboard Old Ironside’s Lower 26-Cannon Gun Deck


Social Hour Meet-Up before Bon Voyage Dinner


Noreen Mercer and Sue DeKoker


L-R: Mike, Jammer, Merle, Chunk, Rita, Redeye, and Jack


Linda Jamrosy talking with B Thrower


Can you spot the Confident Cat that is eyeing the Wary Canary?


You are a well-trained Gentlemen, Mike.  Cheers!


Tom ‘Jammer’ Jamrosy regaling his First Rustic Airstrike?


Scene of our Bon Voyage Dinner Party


Our Bearded Leader Proudly Hosting Half His Crew at the Mess


The Other Half of His Crew, which could very well be a Mess, haha!!!


B and Mike….A Happy Pair of Smiles for sure!


An Excellent Serving Job with such a Large Group



 Judy Strickland, Lynn and Mike Davenport                                                

Bob Harris and Rita Soteropoulos, Don Mercer (Reunion Chairman)


Our After Dinner Farewells were said to Send Off the Cruisers



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Read Zeke’s narrative of Boston Gathering.


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