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The following inclusions were sent, unsolicited, to our Night Rustic website by Patriots wishing to express their gratitude for our services in combat.

-- webmaster





2003 Veterans Day Tribute


2006 Veterans Day Tribute



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Rembering those who soared

on the wings of freedom.....


The freedom we take for granted...

 The freedom you fought to protect...

As a nation,  we sometimes forget..

the sacrifices you made.




2012 Email


Thanks for Your Service.


You are what I am today and what I'll be till my last day. In 1973 I join the military, in the mid 80's flew Skymasters. Always brought me home, and our passengers. My hat off for what you did, and all the Vietnam vets that mentor me. You will not be forgotten, because I let my troops know what forge me, and what I am today. I am your legacy, keeps me going and puts a meaning to drive on. God Bless You, God Bless America.  



SFC Cuadrado

SCNG (South Carolina National Guard?)


2012 Letters to Rustics


Mr. Pemato Chhun and his Son

me and my only son with an authentic KHMER REPUBLIC Flag gifted to the U.S. Marine Corp who was stationed at the American Embassy to PHNOM PENH in 1973


Dear Mr. CLAUDE NEWLAND and the rest of the amazing RUSTICS,


First of all, I would love to write a letter to you and your Elite RUSTIC Team.

A few months ago , I was told by my close friend, Mr. SEREIVUTH PRAK A Vice President of the KHMER KROM Federation about the American pilots who fought the North Vietnamese , Viet Congs and the Khmer Rouges during the Cambodia War wrote a RUSTIC CALL SIGN book and via my American Colleague we managed to get some of your books , authored by Richard Wood and gifted them to our friends.

And couple of weeks my classmate named SOKHAN  KET sent me all the Rustic News , Volume 15, Issue 3 , December 2011, with article of SOKHAN KET on page 10.


I was born to an indigenous KHMER Father and KHMER Born Chinese Mother , On September 11Th, 1966, my father was widely elected as a member of Cambodian National Parliament and then he was elected by Members of Parliaments as Committee Chairman of Administrative cleaning up corruption.

Due to the special agreements of our Red King SIHANOUK who supported the North Vietnamese and Viet Congs during the Vietnam War by letting them building the military bases in our territory and using them as safe haven and sanctuary after they had been defeated and chased by American Troops in South Vietnam, plus SIHANOUK beside allowing the HO CHI MINH trail got into Cambodia illegally he built his own SIHANOUK Trail supplying all the ammunition, medical and food supplies to the Communists and on March 18Th , 1970, my father and his colleagues impeached SIHANOUK and publicly changed the Cambodian Monarchy to be KHMER REPUBLIC.

In 1972, my father was appointed to be a Political Adviser by Marshal LON NOL , the President of the KHMER REPUBLIC.

The war in Cambodia was well known to the world as the Civil War but the fact was NOT the Civil War it was the aggressive invasion of the North Vietnamese and Vietcong initiatively.


I will write more and it is NOT easy emotionally every time I write about my life and family during the Communists.

My mind is not clear but willing to write to you all and on behalf of the Cambodian Community in the United States Of America we would Love to express our gratitude and appreciation to you ALL as American Rustic Pilots, people and American Government for fighting, protecting  us and granting political asylum as refugees to live in this great nation, we would additionally love to let you know that you ALL as the elite Rustic Pilots earned professionally so much fame and reputation with honors by flying and fighting the Communists from the ABOVE inside our motherland and we so proud for your gallantry and uncommon valor for risking and sacrificing your lives just for us as the victims of the Communist .


With my Best Wishes , High Respects and Top Regards to you ALL, Families and Americans




A Cambodian Refugee and A Survivor the KHMER Killing Fields

Home 619 469 6396

Desk 619 515 2721 




Follow up Letter to Zeke, Rustic 32


Mr. Chhun in his SDPD Uniform


Dear SIR DeKoker and all The Proud RUSTIC Team,

It brought tears in my old and worn out eyes after receiving your kind and nice words Sir DeKoker ! then I could not resist the Second round after seeing all the old glorious pictures with honors and graces of your Amazing RUSTIC Team,  the OV-10 especially the picture of our brave KHMER REPUBLIC Pilots posting proudly and friendly with your RUSTICS.


We are the KHMER people has owed you ALL big time and NOT even a chance  for us to pay you back NOR even a word of THANK to you ALL for what you saved our lives in the war against the invasion of the North Vietnamese and Vietcong Troops.


Prior to the historical event of March 18Th, 1970, under the rule of King SIHANOUK Cambodia never strengthened or improved and promoted the military,  SIHANOUK and his Commander In Chief Gen. NHIEK THIOULONG were so busy staring themselves as  playboys and movie stars (contrarily, unlike Mr. REAGAN rising from movie star to famous president ) while we had only at most approximately 20 000 troops with poor and old equipments in the name of the Royal Kingdom of the fake NEUTRAL Cambodia,  favorably siding only with Socialist, Communist and Eastern European Countries mainly Soviet Union , China and North Vietnamese


KHMER REPUBLIC just freshly started a new chapter by changing the entire country from Monarchy to The KHMER REPUBLIC and everything difficultly and completely new and odd to us beside facing God ( Damned) King SIHANOUK we had  to get the main and important task cleaning out  "65 000"  the very well trained, well equipped and experienced guerrilla fighters of the aggressive Vietcong and North Vietnamese .

This is my own point of view, the KHMER REPUBLIC was like a new baby born who unstably started learning how to crawl and walk very unfortunately fighting  against the grown up man , the Vietcong.

To be honest with you , we fought tirelessly and bravely and we were so luckily to have you ALL as the SAMARITANS who came to rescue us  with Unit  unforgettably the Elite KHMER KROM ( the original indigenous KHMER in South Vietnam) known as The MIKE FORCES trained by Americans were there for us as well.


We could happily see you from the ground flying the weird designed OV-10 all day over the Mekong river and us, We joyfully got your answer and watched the enemy being devastated.

Without you ALL , we could not last five years and one month , we struggling tried to survive  and stand on our own feet but we mistakenly inflicted  self-wounds by killing ourselves with a chronic decease of corruption and where the Killing Fields started ...we lost ........bitterly .......


I know war is NOT the answer  ! our special duty and commitment,  we got to defend our country from the attacks  of our neighboring, war kills , war lose lives and disasters ....and if you please ask me Do I want To Start the War Over Again and my answer would be YES , I Would If I could ! this time , let our opponents have the same factors and elements SIHANOUK, KHMER ROUGE , North Vietnamese and Vietcong for sure we the KHMER REPUBLIC will get you ALL as our Line  Backers and Quarter Backs.


This time, we have learned a big defeat and bitter lesson, we would not surrender and lay down easily our weapons on the street without a fight like we did in 1975, we would not let the Communists kill us with blind folds and hand ties.


Well my Angel Brother from the ABOVE , we used to call you for helps while we were under fierce attacks and during the KHMER ROUGE era, I was forcibly drafted to joint the Mobile Youth Group in the forced labor camps , was starved and over worked beside being executed , we always silently got into a small group whispering to each other and we really and terribly needed your helps from the ABOVE we imagined that you would drop us weapons and we will take the same and old business just to get rid of the evils...but frustratingly NO answer.


I lost my dear grandfather, my beloved father , my two single sisters NOT just only students at 23 and 17 , never involved in politics and my two elders sisters including my precious mother became widows at young ages.


Sir DeKoker, you got my green light to publish and share my life account with your loved ones , Actually , I never imagine or think that I am in here the land of the BRAVES alive writing to the persons who to voluntarily risk your lives save our lives during the war and on behalf of our KHMER people who could not make to be alive and have this rare privilege to thank you and to reminisce the same life experiences with you and to tell the out side world  how they were executed horribly .

Once Again My Angel Brothers From The ABOVE , I have to take off,  typing is not my ........since I was born as a Cambodian typical male ..old school American Female bosses named me Arrogant Chauvinist may be BECAUSE my military personality but I am just CRAZY and live with Post  traumatic stress disorder after surviving the Killing Fields.


Once Again With My Best Wishes , Top Regards and High Respects to you , your entire families and especially Americans



Enjoy your weekend and have an outstanding day.


Thankfully Yours,


A Cambodian Refugee and Survivor of The Killing Fields


PS;  I am attaching a picture posting with the US. Marine Corp, 2010.

In the really 82 , I tried to join the American Military but no one gave me advice or led me in I thought I was required to have American citizenship and in 1992, I volunteered to join U.S Marine Corp to fight in KUWAIT right after I got married but the age limit was 28 and unfortunately vety there is NO American Air Forces Base in San Diego.


I have been working for San Diego Police Department for 25 years in the picture , I personally apologize I should have taken off my RAYBAN but I had my own  reason wearing RAYBAN is the American Air Forces Tradition very handsome, brave and elegant, I crazily believe and I still pretend one of them ( you ALL ) by wearing RAYBAN and also I have learned from our famous Gen. MacArthur.



Please, I apologize for my long statement with broken English grammatically hope you ALL understand.







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