Night Rustic Reunion Pre-Cruise Party

at The Home of Drake and Suzie Greene, July 22, 2010




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Don, Erin, Sue and Dave enjoying Drake’s home-smoked Salmon (Mike photo)


Lynn Davenport and Jeff catching up (Mike photo)


Cocktails and Conversation (Zeke photo)


Oh my goodness!! Check out these awesome steaks!!! (Zeke photo)


Meeting and making new friends (Zeke photo)


Wonderful hostess Suzie Greene checking on the Chef’s progress (Zeke photo)


Goose and Mrs. Over striking a pose for the camera (Mike photo)


Jack, Dave and Linda swapping stories (Mike photo)

Our Chef George for the evening (Don photo)


Michelle and Jeff Boston and Noreen (Don photo)


Dave and Linda Hull in the serving line (Don photo)


This looks delicious…hurry up and get in here, you guys (Don photo)


The group enjoying a fantastic feast! (Don photo)

Evening dessert served on the Patio (Don photo)


Head Dessert Disher-Outer in action with his Mad Apprentice! (Mike photo)

Big Boy with a whipped-cream Toy! (Mike photo)


Thank you, Suzie and Drake, for a WONDERFUL party and send-off!!!



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