Cessna O-2A 2-ship

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Reunion Flyby Salute to Night Rustics

aboard the Enchantment of the Seas,

shortly after cast off, Oct.21st, 2004





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Smoke’s on!! First sighting off midship starboard, 1801 hrs


Flight of two, restored to original, Cessna O-2A FAC aircraft





A pass by the Viking Crew Lounge, Enchantment of the Seas


10 minutes into the Flyby Salute, another starboard pass





Aerial taken by “2” on first approach to the ship


Rolling in for a starboard pass by the Enchantment





Looking for Night Rustics on the top starboard deck, midship


Rejoining on Lead following a sunset fly through





View of Enchantment rolling through the FACs gunsight reticle


“Lead” setting up for last pass across the bow with “2” right behind





Heading North on the final circle around the ship


1821 hrs, departing target to the South; destination Key West





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